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Shoot-Em-Up or Satire?

I don’t have time to do a full review on this movie but didn’t want to let the moment pass without putting a few thoughts down.

The basic plot is that a spaceship appeared above Johannesburg full of starving aliens who where unable to operate their ship.  The aliens where “rescued” and ended up living in a slum.  Unpopular with the locals the government and a private militantly contractor plan to move them further out of town to a new smaller location described by one character as a concentration camp.

Some of the marketing would have you believe this is a brainless shoot-em-up whist many reviews suggest it is an intelligent satire on race shot in “mockumentary” style.  Surprisingly the film is a really good blend of the two.  The film looks a lot more expensive than its $30 million budget and has a lot more to say than all the end of the world as we know it crap that has been passing itself of as sci-fi lately. 

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