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I have posted my Movie of the Month every month for over ten years, until April. With the lockdown, cinemas were closed back in March.  A little slower to return than others I have seen just two movies.

Tenet – Christopher Nolan’s latest film is near impossible to review without describing the plot, you just need to watch it.  The cast is excellent particularly the leads John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki.  The effects (famously practical as you would expect with Nolan) and spectacular.  The story takes some time to get into, but once you get a handle on it, it’s far less confusing that has been suggested.  It needs another watch, as I’m sure there is lots more to reveal itself with repeated viewings.Tenet

The New Mutants – Set within the X-Men universe was billed as a horror tinged take on the genre featuring a younger cast.  Shot three years ago and originally set for release two years ago,  it has been beset with reshoots and delays.   The final result is in many ways the smallest film in the franchise, this isn’t a bad thing considering the last time they did this was Logan, the best X-Men movie to date.  Sadly, The New Mutants is no Logan, however it doesn’t plumb the depths of The Last Stand, Apocalypse, or Dark Phoenix.  The setup, is good, the cast is good, the film just lacks any depth.  Surprisingly for the premise and the 15 certificate, it is surprisingly tame and lacks any real horror. the new mutants

Of the two films seen this month, there is a clear winner for Movie of the Month:  TenetTenet Movie Poster


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