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Mystique and Rogue Movie

While writing my review of Adventureland last night I half watched X-Men: The Last Stand on TV.  Whilst it isn’t a particularly good film it did get me thinking where the franchise goes from here.  Obviously we have had the rubbish Wolverine origin movie and other origin movies are planned, the Magneto one worries me, Ian McKellen is too old to play the part in a origin movie and would be a hard act to follow.  Therefore I would suggest a return to a an X-Men film in the current timeline not an origin movie.  The end of The Last Stand suggests the “Cure” may not be permanent meaning Magneto, Mystique and Rogue could all regain their powers.  This could create several possible storylines including: In the Comic books Mystique was the “foster mother” of Rogue after she ran away from home, thus making Rogue’s early appearances as a villain.  Before reforming and joining the X-Men she absorbed Ms. Marvel’s psyche and powers.  Obviously the story will be different to the one told in the comic book so as to not contradict the previous films but could include the basic ideas of Rogue and Mystique working together.  The main theme of the story would be redemption with a possible ending having Rogue returning to the X-Men emotionally and mentally damaged and unable to deal with her new powers.  There must be some mileage in this story for a film.  Whatever happens I certainly hope Disney don’t interfere and make it sickly sweet.Mystique and Rogue Movie

* * * UPDATE * * *

If you look below amongst the comments you will see I outlined a plot for such a movie.  I decided to move it into the main body of the article.  It is made up by me based partly on the actual back story from the comics and partly just made up by me on the spot.

* * *

With her powers gone Mystique integrates herself into society and ends up working for the government eventually working for the Deputy Director of the Defence Advanced Research Planning Agency (DARPA). She uses her position to look for a cure to “the cure” in order to regain her powers. This is when she meets Rogue whose powers are beginning to return naturally and is desperately looking for a more permanent cure. Realising it is hopeless Rogue with the help of Mystique begins to come to terms with her powers and starts to use them more and more.

As Mystique’s powers begin to return she sets out to re-form The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (members to be decided). Their activities are mainly criminal and for profit but they also work as assassins for hire specialising in killing people who appose equal rights for mutants. Rogue starts to get consumed by her abilities and is literally addicted to taking the powers of other mutants. One of her obsessions is to gain the power of flight, something she briefly had after absorbing Sunfire’s powers. Mystique exploits this hunger and desire and puts Rogue in increasingly difficult and dangerous situations. At the same time the X-Men are looking for a more peaceful solution to the increasing hatred of mutants and even protect those that hate them.

The actions of the two groups put them on a collision course when Mystique decides to kill the politician and leader of the mutant hating group Friends of Humanity. Unknown to all except Mystique the leader of the group, Graydon Creed is her son from a relationship with Sabertooth many years before. During the attack Rogue permanently absorbs Ms. Marvel’s powers. Initially excited by the extra power Rogue begins to go mad as she hears Ms. Marvels voice in her head. The assassination of Creed is successful but causes a backlash against mutants and new laws similar to but more strict than those seen in X2.

Finally two old faces return, the only person who can save Rogue and Ms. Marvel, Charles Xavier. And his old friend Magneto who has now also regained his powers and has a plan to take his rightful place of the leader of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The film ends with Rogue rejoining the X-Men and Magneto addressing a gathering of thousands of mutants saying he will crush humanity for what they have done to him and his people. After the credits a mutant we haven’t seen before leaves the room and meets Rogue. She shape-shifts and ravels her true identity as Mystique. Is Rogue still working for the brotherhood or is Mystique working for the X-Men?

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