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In a blog a few months ago I suggested that in a few years time after Christopher Nolan has finished making Batman movies someone should make a film based on Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”.  As I said at the time I was hoping they wouldn’t use “The Dark Knight Returns” as a title for the next film, as it would probably prevent it been used in future for and adaptation of this story.  A look at the IMDB suggests Christopher Nolan may be thinking of using that title.  It has him listed as director for the as yet untitled Batman Project but a poster tells a different story: The Dark Knight Returns

It looks like the rumours are true that The Riddler will make an appearance but no ideas on casting yet.  There is obviously another explanation.  There are some very realistic looking fan made posters doing the rounds like this one featuring Harley Quinn:

harley quinn

So is the “The Dark Knight Returns” poster real and has Christopher Nolan signed on to direct?  Only time will tell.  On the subject of the fan posters I think “Gotham City” is a good idea for the name of the film.

*** Update ***

Since I originally posted a month ago IMDB have removed the poster and have no images for the as yet untitled movie. They do still have Christopher Nolan listed as director, that has to be a good thing.

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