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Those of you who have been reading from when I started this blog back in 2009 will know I always start the month with a recap of the movies I watched at the cinema the previous month and by picking my favourite.  Through various lockdowns when cinemas closed for prolonged periods I stopped this thread, and largely stopped blogging.  As things opened up again I never got back into the habit, maybe now is the time to restart the movie of the month, here goes:

M3GAN: A recently orphaned child goes to live with her toy developer aunt who gives her the prototype of a new robot doll.  All goes well until things get staby.  A slight but well-made and entertaining horror with just enough humour and gore. Pretty much what we have come to expect from a Blumhouse Production.  The inevitable sequel has already been greenlit. 

Tár: Cate Blanchett gives what is possibly her best ever performance (no mean feat as she is one of the best actors working today) as Lydia Tár; a superstar conductor at the pinnacle of her career, but on the brink of personal and professional freefall thanks to her self-destructive personality.  Blanchett and director Todd Field makes us root for Tár at the same time understanding she is a terrible person. 

Babylon: Damien Chazelle explores Hollywood’s favourite subject, Hollywood. Set in the early part of the Golden Age of Hollywood as the industry movies out of the silent era.  Told from multiple points of view, but manly a young man looking to break into the industry.  The spectacle and opulence on display puts Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby in the shade.  Although the debauchery depicted was probably more representative of the early 20s than when the film was set, but the transition to sound is integral to the plot.  Critical and audience reception seems hugely polarised, I loved it. 

The Fabelmans: Semi-autobiographical story of Steven Spielberg’s early years and how he became a filmmaker.  While the film does explore his parents’ separation, a theme in the background of many of his movies, it avoids the usual bio-pic trap of explaining all the everything and filling a story with Easter eggs.  Michelle Williams is the standout in an excellent cast.  The casting of a cameo at the end is pure genius. 

Plane:  A plane is forced to make an emergency landing on a hostile island.  The captain and a prisoner they are transporting must team up to save the passengers from local bandits.  There is no doubt this is a dumb action movie, but it’s a dumb action movie done well.  It doesn’t overextend the plot, the characters act within their established character without making too many stupid decisions.  Forgettable but fun!

An interesting month.  I enjoyed all the movies I saw, but don’t think I will rush to see any of them again. Tár has the best performance, The Fabelmans is an absolute joy to watch, but my movie of the month is Babylon.  It isn’t perfect and I can see why some people hate it, but I loved its boldness and audacity.


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After a year without giving out a “Movie Star of the Month” award I thought it was time to resurrect old award. I’m not sure if at this time if it will again become a regular feature or if it is a one-off for this month. So what made me bring it back? It wasn’t one of the fantastic performances I have seen this month: Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, great performances from great actors are to be expected but great performances from none actors is always a pleasant surprise.

Steven Soderbergh’s revenge action thriller Haywire has created a new action star: Gina Carano. Best known from her career as a mixed martial arts fighter and a season on American Gladiators Carano is probably the first credible female action movie star for a long time. She isn’t a great actress in the way Meryl Streep is, and to be honest never will be but that isn’t what being an action star is all about. Haywire (and Carano) seem to polarize opinion, I think you can tell where I stand on it. For those who haven’t already take a look and make your own mind up instead of relying on opinions of others. Not the most conventional of movie stars, but one I hope to see more off, Movie Star of the month Gina Carano:

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A little later than usual, 2011’s first movie star of the month. There are a lot of contenders this month: Colin Firth who will probably win a much deserved Oscar for The King’s Speech; James Franco’s portrayal of Aron Ralston in 127 Hours is Firth’s greatest challenger for the Oscar and also a contender here; Vera Farmiga is quickly becoming one of my favourite actresses, her performance in Henry’s Crime certainly helps her cause; Michelle Williams is as brilliant as ever in Blue Valentine; Her co-star Ryan Gosling is equally as good; The Mechanic proves that Jason Statham is every inch a movie star, he has forged an impressive career despite limited acting ability. I gave Black Swan movie of the month a couple of days ago it‘s now a clean sweep with Natalie Portman been awarded movie star of the month. I somehow think it she will be winning a lot more awards in the next few weeks.

January Movie Start of the Month: Natalie Portman

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Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway

For the first time I have decided to split my movie star of the month award, I was already considering doing this for Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able for their great performances in Monsters. Then the last movie I saw in December, Love and Other Drugs changed my mind. Although the movie was only average suffering from being formulaic and clichéd (and poorly marketed) it was largely enjoyable mainly because of its stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway.

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Danny Trejo

At the age of 66 and after 25 years in the movie business Danny Trejo got his first starring role in the movie Machete. He will never be the best actor or the biggest movie star in the world but he is certainly one of the most recognisable, and who else could have played Machete.

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Emma Stone

Easy A narrowly missed out on my October movie of the month but its star Emma Stone is the runaway winner of the Movie Star of the Month Award. She first came to my attention last year in Zombieland (I have since seen her in Superbad). She also appeared in the short lived TV show Drive that I have heard good things about but have not seen as it hasn’t made it over here.

Know for her trademark red hair, in a Hollywood overrun with fake blondes she is actually a natural blonde, she changed it for Superbad and has stuck with it ever since. It has been rumoured that she has been cast as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot, this suggests a return to he natural hair colour. Other future projects include a movie based on the hip 80’s TV show 21 Jump Street (Johnny Depp’s big break), that could be interesting. Whatever else she comes up with next should be worth a look, I just hope she doesn’t got the same way as the star of the last great high school movie, Lindsay Lohan!


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It would be very easy to pick the best performance of the month that also happens to be from the best movie of the month, i.e. Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone. But that would be too easy! There has been a certain backlash against Kristen Stewart since she took on the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight movies, I however have always been impressed with her as an actress and put her shortcomings in the glittery vampires as problems with the character not the actress. She perfectly captures the charter of Joan Jett both in attitude and emotion. So for another impressive performance from an actress who doesn’t get the credit she deserves, Kristen Stewart is my Movie Star of the Month.



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Noomi Rapace


Whilst The Girl Who Played With Fire isn’t as Good as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo its star Noomi Rapace is just as good as she was in the first movie. That is Why she is my Movie Star on the Month.

The question everyone is asking is how will Rooney Mara compare as Lisbeth Salander in the American version next year?

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I have been a little busy over the last few weeks so haven’t seen as many movies as normal and haven’t been very prolific in my posting. To catch up I am combining two of my regular posts into one.


Movie of the Month


I have seen four movies this month:

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • Predators
  • Inception
  • Splice


The movie of the month is:


Movie Star of the Month


Having appeared and impressed in half of the movies I have seen this month I could have gone for Adrien Brody. But the real star of the month is the biggest star of the biggest and best movie of the year so far: Leonardo DiCaprio

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Movie Star of the Month is now in its second month. I am still deciding on the format, here goes for now:

The Contenders who didn’t win are: Casey Affleck for proving he is one of the best young actors around in “The Killer Inside Me”.  Richard Gere for showing us why he became a movie star with a vintage performance in “Brooklyn’s Finest”.  Vanessa Redgrave for showing the kids how its done in “Letters to Juliet”.  The winner is:

For the standout performance from a talented ensemble cast in

Ophelia Lovibond

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