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Back in 2010, there was a thriving movie blog community. There are very few blogs that have have survived to this day. This very site is hanging by a thread as life and work get in the way of my writing. Not to mention Covid-19 curtailing my cinema going. Listeners to the BBC’s flagship film program will know that the cinema code of conduct is ten years old. To celebrate the anniversary, listeners have suggested updating it for there strange days in which we are living. This made me think of the original code and my suggested additions.

It started with an idea from Wynter Tyson from CinemaScream (now defunct, but you can still read his wise words at Clameur Du Cinema) suggested we propose our own additions to the code of conduct. I thought my suggestion that people not be “Space Invaders” was more relevant than ever. I’m not sure I can endorse my other suggestion any longer, firstly as most cinema’s have done away with boxoffices, and because I almost never read a review until after I have seen a film. This philosophy worked out particularly well recently when I went to see Saint Maud knowing nothing about it, an approach I would certainly recommend with this stunning film.

Here is my original post from a decade ago:

Listeners to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film review show BBC Radio 5 Live will be familiar with the Wittertainment Code of Conduct. Devised by them with the help of listeners to make cinema going better for all.

Wynter from CinemaScream asked us to post the Code of Conduct on our blog along with our own 11th rule. I couldn’t decide between two so here are my 11th and 12th rules.

11: No Space Invaders: We are not talking about 80’s video games (but I suggest you don’t play them in the cinema either), I am talking about the people who insist on sitting directly in front, behind or to the side of you despite the cinema being nearly empty.

12: Read Film Reviews: The ticket office staff are not there to tell you if a film is any good. If you haven’t decided what movie you want to watch don’t join the queue!


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