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After the lack of films last month we are spoiled for choice this month.  I have cheated by counting the two Mesrine films as one and there is a bonus film Moon that I didn’t in time to make last month’s shortlist.


  • The Time Travellers WifeInglourious BasterdsBroken EmbracesThe Hurt Lockermoon







Mesrine: Parts 1 & 2: A French film that is gripping and exciting and rivals Michael Mann’s Public Enemies as the best Gangster film of the year.

The Time Travellers Wife: Far better than I expected it to be.

Inglourious Basterds: The most audacious war film ever full of great Tarantion dialogue.

The Hurt Locker: Breathtaking and Brilliant.

Broken Embraces: Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz together again what more could you ask for!

Moon: A brilliant performance by Sam Rockwell. (special bonus nomination, relesed on the last day of July and not seen until August)

 Just missing out on a nomination:

Coco avant Chanel: brilliant performance by Audrey Tautou but not a great film and

A Perfect Getaway: Plays with the clichés of the genre and has a satisfying if a little obvious twist at the end.

The movie of the month is: The Hurt Locker


Note: I have attempted to provide some kind of review for all the nominated films.  the two I didn’t review I have linked to other bloggers reviews.


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