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eight-days-a-weekAs the somewhat awkwardly titled “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years” hits our screens to rave reviews I thought I would list a few of the people who have been referred to as The Fifth Beatle.victor-spinetti pete-shotton derek-taylor mal-evans monty-python bruno-koschmider stuart-sutcliffe pete-best andy-white jimmie-nicol

Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles, is photographed in New York City on Aug. 11, 1966. (AP Photo)

sir-george-martin neil-aspinall tony-sheridan billy-preston eric-clapton murray-the-k george-best little-richard klaus-voormann

DM (WE) 14/09/02 P30 Jimmy Tarbuck with his Rolls with its special number plate COMIC.


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