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A combination of a Holiday and The Football World cup has resulted in me only seeing three movies this month, they are:

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Following the events of the previous film, but taking the narrative in a new direction.  The story starts and ends well but has noticeable lull in the middle.   Director J.A. Bayona, working with a blockbuster budget for the first time does a good job bringing so atmosphere and a few scares and a political subtext.  Enjoyable nonsense. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Bobby Robson More Than a Manager – Portrait of the late Sir Bobby Robson, One of the best and most underrated managers in English and European football.  The film is very partisan, this doesn’t distract from the film that is both informative or enjoyable.  A must for football fans. Bobby Robson More Than a Manager

Animal World – A Chinese film based on a Japanese Manga about a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors on a cruise ship with Michael Douglas and a killer clown!  Sounds bonkers, it is. Of all the video games and board games made into terrible movies, who would have thought Rock, Paper, Scissors would be so compelling and so much fun.  It also how a bit of depth by way of social commentary. Animal World

Not much to chose from, my movie of the moth is a film I hadn’t heard of until a couple of hours before seeing it. Animal World

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