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As I decide on my top ten movies of the year, here are the films I loved but didn’t make my top ten:

A Most Violent Year: Don’t be misled by the title and trailer, this isn’t a violent action movie but a classy crime thriller with fantastic performances from Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.a most violent year

Amy: Director and producer Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees are back with portrait of singer Amy Winehouse.  As compelling as Senna (2010), the real brilliance of the film isn’t the telling tale that played out in front of the worlds press, but the less know and more intimate story of the tragic figure.Amy

Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance): Winner of four Oscars (Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Cinematography).  Michael Keaton is perfectly cast as an actor once famous for playing a superhero trying to reinvent himself as a stage actor.  Probably director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s best film to date.michael keaton birdman

Bridge of Spies: True story of a cold war soviet spy, the lawyer who defended him and the ultimate exchange in Berlin.   Director Steven Spielberg does what he does best delivering tension and suspence as well as comedy.  Mark Rylance and Tom Hanks are both on top form.  Rylance has to be a good bet for best supporting actor Oscar.Bridge Of Spies

Brooklyn: Story of a young woman who moves from small town Ireland to Brooklyn in the early 50’s.  A surprisingly low key film but totally enthralling, largely thanks to Nick Hornby’s great script and another standout performance from  Saoirse Ronan.Brooklyn

Crimson Peak: A movie of the month winner, but it doesn’t quite make my top ten.  A spiritual successor to The Devil’s Backbone to, to paraphrase a quote from the movie it isn’t a ghost story, it is a story with ghosts.  Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston are good, Jessica Chastain is fantastic and clearly having a blast.crimson peak

It Follows: Another  movie of the month winner that just misses my top ten; Superior horror with an original antagonist.  The style and the soundtrack are reminicent of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Maika Monroe impresses in the lead, a young star on the rise to look out for.It Follows

Man Up: British romantic comedy centring on the fallout of a woman who finds herself on someone else’s blind date.  Lake Bell is fantastic and Simon Pegg provides good support.Man Up

SPECTRE: Skyfall was my favourite film of 2012, following Skyfall always going to be an impossible task, and to say isn’t as good doesn’t mean it isn’t a really good film.  Pulling together all the elements of the previous three films to create a story arc for Daniel Craig’s Bond feels forced but taken on its own merits it really works.SPECTRE

The Gift: A confident début as feature director by actor Joel Edgerton.  What starts out looking like an 80’s/90’s yuppies in peril thriller becomes something far more interesting. Edgerton co stars with Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, all three are excellent. The end has divided opinion, but I think it is perfect for the film.

The Gift Gordo

The Gift Gordo

The Lobster: Set in a strange unexplained dystopian society where single people are turned into an animal of their choosing if they fail to find a partner.  The strangest film I have seen for a very long time, I really loved it, but I am really not sure why.the lobster

The Martian: Held together by a great turn from Matt Damon but kept tripping along by director Ridley Scott who has crafted a surprisingly funny and easy going movie.  Scott’s best film since the underrated Kingdom of Heaven a decade ago.the martian

Wild: The true story of Cheryl Strayed, a young woman who decided to walk the thousand-mile Pacific Crest Trail.  We begin to understand  her motivation through flashbacks as the film unfolds.  Well constructed with great use of music and an excellent performance from Reese Witherspoon.Wild

Watch this space for my top ten of the year some time before Christmas.  

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Twelve films in a month, only two are sequels and one remake.  A surprisingly good month:

It Follows: Superior horror with an original antagonist.  The style and the soundtrack are reminicent of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Maika Monroe impresses in the lead, a young star on the rise to look out for.It Follows

Predestination: Time travel movie with a low budget but a high concept and the mother of all paradoxes.  Despite the twists and turns of the plot, you will see where it is going.  Ethan Hawke is as excellent  as ever, Sarah Snook is equally as good.Predestination

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: More of the same from the titular hotel.  Not as good as the first one but still good fun thanks to a likeable cast.The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Kill The Messenger: Based on a true story set against the backdrop of America’s war on drugs.  Suitably gritty and low key.Kill The Messenger

X + Y: Coming of age drama about a young man on the autism spectrum.  Elevated by great performances from Asa Butterfield, Sally Hawkins, Rafe Spall and Eddie Marsan.X + Y

Still Alice: Devastating story of early onset Alzheimer’s.  Julianne Moore’s Oscar was well deserved.Still Alice

Suite Française: Adaptation of Irene Némirovsky’s novel set in occupied France.  It becomes a different film to what  you expect at the start, it is all the better for this.  Kristin Scott Thomas is fantastic.Suite Française

The Divergent Series Insurgent: The second in the Divergent series.  Improves on the first film.  Naomi Watts is a welcome addition to the cast but this is Shailene Woodley’s movie.The Divergent Series Insurgent

The Gunman: Conspiracy action thriller. Sturdy but thin story with some good action.  Sean Penn and Mark Rylance are good but could do this in their sleep.The Gunman

Run All Night: Ed Harris is good in support and Liam Neeson does what he has been doing for the last few years.  An okay movie with some good scenes, but too long; trimmed down to 90 minutes it could have been so much better.Run All Night

Wild Card: Previously filled as Heat starring Burt Reynolds based on a novel and screenplay by William Goldman.  Jason Statham does what he does, the film offers nothing we haven’t seen before but is enjoyable enough.  As you would expect Stanley Tucci steals the show in his one scene.Film Review-Wild Card

Seventh Son: About as bad as the reviews would have you believe but actually more enjoyable than you would expect.  Julianne Moore looks like she is having fun hamming it up.Seventh Son

It Follows, Predestination, X + Y and Still Alice are the pick of the months movies but which one gets movie of the month and why?  Simply because of the four, it is the one I am most looking forward to seeing again, the movie of the month is:Iit Follows Poster

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