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The best ever DC adaptation the dark Knight has taught us. You either die a hero all live long enough to see yourself become the villain. The MCU will run out of steam and ideas one day. When that happens they can either carry on making progressively worse films or, they can end the series and wait for the inevitable reboot. This dying a hero before it has chance to become a villain. So far Marvel have got it right, But this is where it gets complicated. When do you end a successful serious?  do you bleed it dry or do you get out early leaving the audience wanting more? The latter makes the most sense but the former will be hard for the filmmakers to resist, they do have the bottom line to think of after all.  But, as this happens, they will be confronted with actors who either want to move on to avoid typecasting, or who and ever increasing remuneration. captain-america-and-iron-man

Nobody realistically expects the end of phase 3 to be the end of the  MCU,  but what comes next? Very simply the death of Iron Man and Captain America! this is a comic book movie so their deaths will be heroic and nobody will stay dead forever. And this is where I must admit that the title is a little misleading; Iron Man and Cap don’t have to die, their alter ego’s Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are the ones who must die.  After all, the roles of both Iron Man and Captain America have been taken on by other characters.  Their demise Will pave the way for one of the other characters to take over the lead of avengers for a final fourth phase. The most obviously there will be Captain Marvel, Who will be introduced to the serious very soon. But why kill Steve And Tony? There are two reasons for this, firstly: their stories will be told by this time, secondly; the series needs to kill off a few of its major characters to remain credible. There is an argument to end the series at the end of phase three, however, this will not give time to properly explore the new characters that are constantly being introduced such as the aforementioned Captain Marvel. There is another strong if potentially selfish reason for wanting to kill these major characters, it will leave a void that must be filled.  It is unlikely, but could lead to the most interesting character in the universe getting her own movie; I am of course talking of black widow. We have seen hints and clips suggesting a back-story for black widow and Hawkeye but have yet to see either in any detail. I’m not convinced okay I’ll carry a movie but he could play a large part in Black widows a story. But this is just one element of it, do you want another back-story/origin movie? Black widow is such an interesting character that she could be used in the new standalone story.the-avengers

But back to the point. How long before Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr decide they’ve had enough and don’t want to continue in their roles? It has been suggested that Downey Jr is already at that point and is only still on board for the paycheque. What will happen when money is enough to keep them? The worst possible scenario is recasting. Only marginally better is writing the characters out without having the actors to do the story justice. To put it simply they MCU needs Tony Stark and Captain America to die heroes and friends.


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