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Paul has made it to Saint-Étienne in preparation for Englands final group game. The name Saint-Étienne brings back memories of the 90’s: the good, the band Saint-Étienne, the bad, England’s penalties defeat to Argentina in the ’98 world cup. Let’s hope Monday’s final group game is more rewarding.


No blog yesterday as to be honest nothing much happened. After a full day of rain on our last day in Tourcoing this was my highlight.

This was followed by one final night at the drop out bar called Le Dof featuring all our favourite characters from the last three nights. Mo the bar lady, Sasha the owner, Ahmed the bouncer, Pepe the Portugese dwarf, Mickey the Pirate, Luigi the Milan fan, Lionel the Richie, Greg the crazy Frenchman and Ricky the Rentboy. Along with a smattering of English fans it was if nothing else a most entertaining evening.

Time to leave Tourcoing and head back South for our next journey. Up bright and early today for another travel day with three trains to catch to Lille, Lyon and eventually Saint-Etienne home to our final group game on Monday. And I can surprisingly report that for the first time this…

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Life through a Lens

Paul is surprisingly coherent after a night celebrating Englands victory over Wales:


It’s just past 3am and this is usual fodder for me. Shit. Can’t go to bed. Need to write the blog before I sleep. Yes it’s a late night. England won. And it’s been some night. Yes it’s a blog about football again.

It started off with a morning trip via the trains from Tourcoing to Lille and then onto Lens. It was raining outside and via the joys of another Stan Collymore Periscope video pissing it down in Lens. So raincoats on and no shorts and shades today we realised we were no longer in the south of France. For once all our planned trains ran according to times and we arrived in little ole Lens.

The train station modelled on a locomotive. Step back and you can see it. I’m sure many an England fan will have missed that. We got off the train to lots of the…

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