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Tears and Fears

The latest installment of Paul’s adventures in Euroland:


So before we deal with the day’s shenanigans that has no doubt dominated the headlines we shall start with the good stuff. Marseille has nice weather at least and so today I battled through it during the daytime and headed for a good uphill 45 minute walk across town to its highest point. The Basilique Notre-Dame De La Garde. At the top of a hill. A very steep climb indeed.

The reason for this hard slog was to be able to take in the best views of Marseille and boy did it deliver on that front. I could have stayed in town around the old port drinking and chanting with a lot of other English footie fans but no this is how I prefer to spend my day. Spectacular views of the whole city, it’s harbour and even the velodrome. Tonights stadium for the match.

Following this jaunt I…

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