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Allez Les Bleus

So Eurospaul has made it to the south of france. By the time I reblog this, England have played their first game. They played well keeping possession and passing thee ball but rarely looked like scoring. They will need to work on a plan B before facing the Welsh on Thursday. Check in tomorrow, I am sure Paul will have a first hand account of the game.


First off congrats to France in kicking off the tournament with a bonkers opening ceremony and a good victory. Bodes well for Les Bleus. Anyway let’s back track till this morning…

My first job today was to take a call at 8am (7am Uk time) from Adrian Goldberg on the breakfast show on BBC WM. Turns out my blog caught the attention of their producer so following the 7am news I had a live interview just as I attempted to carry on my luggage onto the Calais to Lille train. Things you have to do as a travelling supporter. Following this I relaxed into the short journey to liaise with the ticket office.

Thankfully the French strike did not prevent us from getting to Marseille today. Despite our train being cancelled we were able to board the one several hours later albeit without a seat. This of course meant our…

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