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And so it begins 

As mentioned a couple of days ago, a friend of mine has is spending the next month (and hopefully some of next month) following the England football team around France supporting them in the Euro finals. He is blogging about his experiences along the way, I am re-blogging for any football fans that follow me. Helping publicise a friend or living vicariously through him? You decide!


There are several ways you can travel abroad when following England. There is of course the players way of being coached from one destination straight to the airport and then the nice posh hotel. All very speedy and comfortable but this isn’t the way most fans travel. Some of course do if you are rich enough. The true fans scour the Internet for bargains to odd destinations in order to save some pennies. I am that fan.

My journey today has only so far taken me from Birmingham to Calais but that’s at least halfway to Marseille. I started at 6.30am with a local bus to New Street Station.

This took me to London where via a quick tube across the big smoke and a second train into Dover I finally arrived for the next part of my journey. The ferry crossing.

I have bought in advance a train pass…

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