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One day to go

A good friend of mine, the Paul of the title, is going to the Euros or the UEFA Euro 2016 as I believe the official title goes.  I would say, is lucky enough to be going but luck has nothing to do with it! He and his travelling companions have at great expense, both financially and in time, followed England for the last two years through the qualifying competition.  This isn’t the first time they have done it, but they have suggested it may be the last.  With the Euros changing their format that just leaves the World Cup.  For reasons that defy all logic, the next two World Cups will be held in Russia and Qatar.  One of these countries has a reputation for being, shall we say unfriendly to travelling football fans.  The other has no history of playing football, has never qualified for a World Cup, currently had a FIFA ranking of 81 (and has never been in the top 50), and that’s without talking about human rights and equality.  Anyway, I digress.  Paul has today posted his first blog about the torment.  I know at few of my readers are football fans (even though they include Newcastle, Spurs and Arsenal fans and someone who insists on calling it soccer – you all know who you are) so am going to reblog all his posts from the Euros.

Lets hope he is still posting into the second week of July, as that means we are still in the competition!  On that note over to Paul:

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So it’s almost upon me for another year. Yes for those that know me and my love of football and travelling we arrive at another football tournament. Euro 2016. France The tickets have been bo…

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