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Mystique Movie

Bryan Singer recently suggested that there is room in the X-Men universe for a standalone Mystique movie.  The cynic in me thinks this is simply a reaction to Jennifer Lawrence’s status as one of the biggest stars in the world.  He does however have a point.  Back in 2009 after the disappointment of The Last Stand, I suggested the same thing.  My idea however was not simply a  Mystique movie, but a Mystique and Rogue Movie.  The idea took elements from the comic books and shaped them for where the characters were at the end of The Last Stand.  There is no need for this repositioning at this moment in time.  Mystique is in possession of her abilities, and Rogue hasn’t been introduced leaving the possibility for something closer to comic book storyline.   The only thing that needs addressing is Mystique’s apparent affiliation to the X-Men.mystique jennifer lawrence

Mystique encounters Rogue as a child, she has run away from her home in Mississippi and is living in the woods.  Mystique becomes her adoptive mother and raises her.  During this time Mystique, as Raven Darkhölme works for the United States Department of Defence, as position she uses to further her criminal endeavours.  These include a plan for Rogue to use her ability to absorb the powers of Ms. Marvel.  The plan was successful except that she also absorbs her  memories and personality who eventually leaves Mystique to join the X-Men.rogue

Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel (using her later name, Captain Marvel) is set to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be getting her own film in 2019. If this storyline were to be used it would result in a similar situation where Days of Future Past and Age of Ultron introduced their own versions of Quicksilver.  It will also give us a version of Rogue more familiar to comic book fans than the one seen in the original three X-Men films (and briefly in Days of Future Past).mystique rebecca romijn

However, we are unlikely to see this story as Bryan Singer seems to prefer Mystique as a hero, not a villain.  This is a great shame as the character played by Rebecca Romijn in the first three films was more fun and more interesting. 

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