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A to Z of 2015

For my final post of the year, I give you my A to Z of the year:

A: Amy – documentary of the yearAmy

B: Back to the Future – we celebrated Back to the Future dayback to the future 2

C: Cate Blanchett, my performance of the yearCarol

D: Denis Villeneuve – my director of the yearsicario_dvilleneuve_rdeakins

E: Eastwood – Clint returns to form behind the camera and Scott finds his feet in front of it.The Eastwoods

F: Fast & Furious 7 – unexpectedly took $1.5billionFast and Furious 7

G: Garland  – Alex Garland debut director of the yearalex garland ex machina

H: Hardy – a worthy adaptationFar from the Madding Crowd

I: Imperator Furiosa – character of the yearImperator Furiosa

J:  J.J. Abrams – The man who awoke the forcestar wars the force awakens

K: Kingsman: The Secret Service – surprise of the yearkingsman

L: Love -BFI’s love season include cinema screenings of True Romance and Doctor ZhivagoLove

M: Mad Max – my movie of the yearMad Max Fury Road

N: Naomi Watts – putting Dianna behind her with a string of strong performancesNaomi Watts

O: Oscar Isaac – actor of the year with three very different moviesoscar isaac

P: Pixar – the first animation to make my top ten of the yearInside Out - Copy

Q: Q – Bond has gadgets again!Q

R: Roger Deakins – my cinematographer of the yearroger deakins

S: Spies – the year of the spy; Bond, Kingsman, UNCLE, SPY, Mission impossible, Bridge of Spies2015 Spies

T: Terminator – Genisys was rubbish but The Terminator got a cinematic rereleasethe terminator

U: Underperformers aka flops2015 Flops

V:  Vikander – Alicia Vikander, breakout star of the yearAlicia Vikander

W: Walking – Three movies about putting one foot in-front of the other  Walking 2015

X: X + Y – a film that deserves to find a wider audienceX + Y


Z: Zoë Kravitz – continues to impress in supporting roleszoe kravitz

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