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This is EnglandLast week saw the end of This Is England ’90, the British TV drama miniseries written by Shane Meadows.  a sequel to the series This Is England ’86 and This Is England ’88, spin-offs from the 2006 film This Is England.  Severn years older than when we first met them, the actors have grown up with their characters, as they have grown and the world has changed their problems and triumphs have changed, but their story is no less compelling.  It has been suggested that this is the end of the series.  This is a great shame, thanks to the writing of Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne there has been no drop off in quality from the original film to this final series.  It would be interesting to complete the circle and keep retuning to the characters until they had reached 2006, the year the first film was made.  Alternately, as the original film was based on Meadows own experience, it would make sense to go up to a point in the mid/ate 90’s when he started making films.  What would the backdrop be?  What happened in the 90’s?This is England 90

  • Poll Tax Riots
  • Reunification of Germany
  • Hubble Telescope Launched
  • Resignation of Mrs Thatcher
  • Nelson Mandela Freed
  • Birth (and death) of Grunge music
  • Basketball Player Magic Johnson Announces He Has HIV
  • Economic Recession, UK drops out of ERM
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Is Arrested
  • South Africa Repeals Apartheid Laws
  • Bosnian Genocide Begins
  • Official End of the Cold War
  • Riots in Los Angeles After the Rodney King Verdict
  • Cult Compound in Waco, Texas Raided
  • Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially
  • Channel Tunnel Opens, Connecting Britain and France
  • England fail to make World Cup finals
  • Brit Pop
  • Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa
  • Rwandan Genocide
  • Collapse of Barings Bank
  • Auction Website eBay Is Founded
  • Mad Cow Disease Hits Britain
  • Two Royal Divorces
  • First Harry Potter Book Is Released
  • New Labour
  • Hong Kong Returned to China
  • I Graduated from University
  • Pathfinder Sends Back Images of Mars
  • Princess Diana Dies in Car Crash
  • Scientists Clone Sheep
  • Tallest Buildings in the World Built in Kuala Lumpur
  • Tiger Woods Wins Masters
  • U.S. President Clinton Impeached
  • Viagra on the Market
  • The Euro the New European Currency
  • JFK Jr. Dies in Plane Accident
  • NATO Attacks Serbia
  • Panama Canal Returns to Panama
  • Fear of Y2K Bug

But more importantly than all that, I want to see more of these characters.

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