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The day after my sixth birthday my brother told me about the most amazing television program. I’m not entirely sure how he knew so much about it when I didn’t, I can only assume being two years older than me he had a later bedtime. That evening we sat down to watch what turned out to be the final episode. More than thirty years later I remember nothing of the program other than the final scene that I remember in great detail. It is probably this spoiler that has preventing me from ever looking out the show until now. The program in question is Blakes 7 created by Terry Nation (the man responsible for creating the Daleks for Doctor Who) and made by the BBC.blakes 7

Around 36 years after it first aired I have just watched the first season. A sort of intergalactic Robin Hood. Set in a future reality and following a group of escaped convicts led by Roj Blake, a political dissident fighting against the injustice and corruption of “The Federation”, the totalitarian government of the universe. The group travel on a mysterious alien spaceship known as the Liberator. The Liberator is conveniently faster and better armoured than the ships of the Federation who are always one step behind. The locations are a similar combination of studio interiors and English countryside to early Doctor Who. A reboot has often been muted but never realised, however themes of the show have been seen in other programs such as: Red Dwarf, Farscape, Lexx, Andromeda, Firefly.the liberator blakes 7
As with any program of the day the sets are cheap and effects are terrible at best. However the production design is surprisingly good. This combination of good and bad is the main reason why it could benefit from a reboot.  Hopefully anyone thinking of remaking it will remember to put an apostrophe in the title.

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