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This isn’t the first blogathon I have organised, however it has been thrown together very quickly. I have just see an extended trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In it we see Steve Rogers make a note in a pocket note book. A list of things he missed out on in the time he was frozen that people have recommended he should catch up on. Towards the bottom of the list there are two movies Rocky and Rocky II. This got me thinking, what ten movies would you recommend a person who Β had been frozen between 1943 and 2011.

Β Captain America Blogathon

The make-up of the list is up to you. It could be an historical record of what he missed, something to cheer him up/take his mind of things or just your favourite movies from the period.

The movie is released at the end of the month in the UK and a few days later in North America. Therefore I suggest anyone taking part should get their list us before the end of March. Once up email me a link and I will list them all.

This is not an invitation only event, please spread the word.

Any questions please comment below or email me (you can find details in the contact me tab above).


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