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Have you ever noticed a certain type of film that wears its oscar credentials proudly and overtly. The last few moments of the trailer tell us who the main players are and what their Oscar achievements are: The Railway Man, starring Academy Award Winner Collin Firth and Academy Award Winner Nicole Kidman. The Book Thief stars Academy Award Winner Geoffrey Rush and Academy Award Nominee Emily Watson.the railway man and the book thief

Compare this to the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. the trailer doesn’t even mention the cast beyond the blink and you miss it list at the end. but it could list:

  • Academy Award Winner: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Academy Award Winner: Anna Paquin
  • Academy Award Winner: Halle Berry
  • Academy Award Nominee: Ellen Page
  • Academy Award Nominee: Michael Fassbender
  • Academy Award Nominee: Hugh Jackman
  • Academy Award Nominee: Ian McKellen

A total that beats even the three winners and three nominee’s of August: Osage County. Clearly they are very different movies that sell themselves in a different way, concentrating more on the legacy of the franchise and the director Bryan Singer. I am not suggesting there is anything particularly right or wrong with either type of movie or the way they are marketed, it just gives an interesting prospective on different types of movie and what is important to them and their audiences. I would also cation against looking up to “worthy” film or down on frivolous comic book movie.


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