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Carina Round

I am taking one of my occasional breaks from rambling about movies to talk about one of my other great passion music. For just over a decade my favourite singer has been Carina Round. Not as well know as she should be, Carina is a truly talented singer songwriter to restore your fair in music in this X Factor/Pop Ideal celebrity obsessed age. Click HERE to see her new video on the Rolling Stone website

Her new album Tigermending is out tomorrow, you can hear it HERE via AOL album stream. If you aren’t already familiar with her music it is also worth checking out her previous releases, most notably her 2001 debut The First Blood Mystery. As good as her albums are, she really comes into her own playing live, whether on her own with an acoustic guitar or backed by a full band Carina always gives a memorable performance. This is a live version of my favourite of her songs:

For more information and tour dates check out her official website.


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