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Next week I will be revealing my favourite movies of the year, but before that, my least favourite.

TENPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: better than the other two sequels but ultimately another pointless movie that devalues the fun of the original Pirates movie.

NINEUnknown: after reinventing himself as an action hero in Taken, Liam Neeson does it again in Unknown and it is worse than Taken. it’s a shame to see a talented actress like Diane Kruger in crap like this.

EIGHTScream 4: As clichéd and irrelevant as the first film was original and groundbreaking. It does have some humorous moments and the Anna Paquin/Kristen Bell cameo is great but ultimately a waste of time.

SEVENThe Silent House: High concept Uruguayan horror inspired by real events. Some good ideas and some good moments but ultimately it doesn’t work.

SIXThe Eagle: With a talented director and an interesting story I really wanted to enjoy this movie, sadly I didn’t. If you want to see a good fictionalised story about the legendry Roman Ninth legion rent the DVD of last years Centurion.

FIVEThe Resident: I really wanted to like this movie; a Hammer horror/thriller featuring Christopher Lee, what more could you ask for? A decent script would be top of the list!

FOURSeason of the Witch: Total hokum, fun in places, Nicolas Cage is thankfully understated and Ron Perlman is always worth watching but the film is seriously dull. 

THREETransformers: Dark of the Moon: better than Revenge of the Fallen, considering how bad that movie was it really is the definition of damning with faint praise.

TWOThe Hangover: Part II: A dull, predictable and repetitive rehash of the first movie that is both xenophobic and homophobic, worst of all it just isn’t funny.

AND THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN THIS YEARSanctum: The story is silly, clichéd and very predictable. The 3D isn’t bad but is still a pointless gimmick that adds little to the movie.

Finally, a few movies that just escaped the bottom ten include: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Footlose and a movie everyone else seems to love, Attack the Block. A nasty and pointless movie whose horrible characters and lack of morality could have been excused if it was an enjoyable well made movie, it isn’t.

*A note on the selected movies, I am not a film critic, just a movie lover so I only see the movies I want to see (about 110 at the cinema this year). Therefore this isn’t a definitive list of the worst movies of the year, just the worst I have seen.

Feel free to disagree and share your worst movies of the year.


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