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Its Halloween and as is the recent tradition all the big “tent-pole” horror movies will finding there way to the big screen. While a lot of recent horror movies have been repetitive and unoriginal (in other words rip-offs and remakes) there have been horror elements to some great movies this year:

Black Swan

Set in the world of ballet and concentrating on an emotionally fragile dancer who is promoted to prima for a new production of Swan Lake. More a physiological thriller than a horror, but it also owes a lot to the giallo (yellow) films by directors like Dario Argento.

The Skin I live

Again a physiological thriller, it is also truly disturbing movie and the closest Pedro Almodóvar has come to horror to date.

Stake Land

Set during a vampire apocalypse that owes more to the zombie genre than to vampire movies and effectively employing a road movie structure. Simply the best and most original vampire movie for years.

Julia’s Eyes

A woman with rapidly failing eyesight investigates the death of her sister, she believes it to be murder but the police insist it was suicide. Another physiological thriller this time brimming with atmosphere and suspense.

Troll Hunter

A found footage movie about a veteran Norwegian Troll hunter. Playing it straight when it should be silly but some how it gets away with it making for a fantastic movie.

A Lonely Place To Die

A group of mountaineers stumble across a young girl imprisoned in a box buried in the Scottish Highlands. As they try to get the girl and themselves to safety it fast becomes a battle against the hostile environment and the girls kidnappers. With some brutal and unflinching moments and some great suspense it isn’t out of place amongst more supernatural or physiological movies.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise sees the long awaited battle between good and evil. Not a movie I expected to put on the list but it really does have all the elements of a horror but aimed at a younger demographic.

Kill List

A pair of hit-men take a contract to kill a list of people, this takes them and the plot in an unexpected direction. The most bizarre movie on the list and one you should go into blind, you will appreciate it more if you don’t know what’s coming.

John Carpenter’s The Ward

Set in the 1960’s, a young girl with amnesia is committed to a psychiatric unit where she and the other inmates appear to be haunted by the ghost of a former inmate/patient. Unfairly overlooked, the best movie directed by the horror maestro for a long time.


Following a war between humans and vampires America looks like a cross between the wild west and the Mega-City’s of Judge Dredd. The priests who defeated the vampires are now obsolete but one finds a new mission when his niece is abducted by an army of vampires that has been growing in secrete. Silly but entertaining action horror.

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