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First released thirty years ago Cannibal Holocaust (1980) is the first found footage movie that I am aware of. When The Blair Witch Project (1999) came along nearly two decades later it was still a relatively fresh concept having only been used a handful of times. In recent years it has been done to death with movies like Paranormal Activity (2007) (and its sequels), Clover field (2008) and The Last Exorcism (2010). Found footage movies are essentially a sub genre of horror, and like many horror movies they have become repetitive and tedious but every once in a while there is still a great example of the like the Spanish zombie/infection thriller REC (2007).

More by scheduling chance than by design I saw two found footage movies yesterday.  The Troll Hunter (2010): A student documentary about a bear poacher takes a new direction when the filmmakers realise the bear attacks are being staged to hide Norway’s biggest secret, Trolls really exist! Despite the low budget the effects are very good, the absolutely absurd story is played out totally deadpan, surprisingly it really works. An American remake of The Troll Hunter has already been announced.  Apollo 18 (2011): In the real world the Apollo 18 mission was cancelled, the premise of the movie is that it went ahead in secret. The movie is well shot and has a few tense moments, but also has a huge hole in the plot.

I would recommend The Troll Hunter even if you have had enough of found footage movies, Apollo 18 probably one for diehard fans of the genre.

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