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As reported last month the summer blockbuster season plays havoc with the release (or screening to be more precise) of other movies, therefore I have only seen five in the past month. All five films are very good but flawed in some way that prevents them form being great.

The Conspirator: Part of the agenda of Robert Redford’s civil war drama is to tell an historically accurate story, it certainly does this, however it is all wrapped up with a subplot involving a modern and surprisingly overt political message.

Tree Of Life: I still can’t make my mind up about Terrence Malick’s latest offering. Is it a profound, existential, allegorical movie or an esoteric rant? Its probably a bit of both but it is also supremely well made and fantastically acted.

Bridesmaids: After The Hangover Part II left a bad taste I wasn’t keen to see the comedy billed as “The Female Hangover”. Following good word of mouth and the amazing Kristen Wiig present as both star and writer I decided to give it a go and was impressed. Far funnier and very different than the trailer led me to expect.

Beginners: Writers/director Mike Mills’ semi autobiographical movie is well written and extremely well acted if a little slight. It has been described as self indulgent, and in a way it is however this does somewhat go with the territory of a movie of this type.

Captain America: The First Avenger: The name says it all, the origin of the first Avenger in preparation for next years Avengers movie. Perfectly cast, well structured and the period setting is spot on. The balance between action and narrative is about right, all in all it as good a film as it could have been allowing for its role as a setup for The Avengers, this is also the reason for the movies only real problem, the modern day sections are conspicuous and could have been handled better or even omitted.

In a close run battle the movie of the month is:

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