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If you are reading this you probably already know about Marc from Go See Talk’s excellent “Double Feature Theatre”. If you haven’t heard, movie bloggers were invited to “imagine ourselves as bona fide Theatre owners”, we all picked a weeks worth of Double Features (triple feature on a Sunday) to screen in our imaginary cinemas.

Novia of Polychrome Interest finished her post by asking the question “Let me know which days you will come” So having already chosen a weeks worth of double features myself I decided to look at from a cinema goers point of view. The only rule I set myself, no more than one visit to each cinema/theatre.


Toby at BlahBlahBlahGay

The Apartment and Some Like It Hot.


Alexander at Boycotting Trends

Brief Encounter and Lost in Translation


Darren of The M0vie Blog

Once Upon a Time In The West and Unforgiven


Wynter at CinemaScream

Martyrs and The Passion of Joan of Arc


Andrew at Andy Buckle’s Film Emporium

Downfall and Inglourious Basterds


Novia of Polychrome Interest

The Matrix and Inception


Tom at Movie Reviews by Tom Clift

Citizen Kane, Network and The Social Network

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