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Marc from Go See Talk has asked a group of us to “imagine ourselves as bona fide Theatre owners” as such we have the opportunity to schedule a week’s worth of Double Features. This sounds simple, it isn’t! With no rules or criteria to limit us we could pick any two movies per day (three on Sunday). I went through several drafts choosing movies by genre, decade, actors, directors. In the end I decided to forgo an link from day to day, there is no direct connection between any of the movies, however they are chosen to play well together as well as been linked by genre, style or vibe.

Monday: Two Lane Blacktop (1971) – Vanishing Point (1971)

The early days and popularisation of cars and movies happened around the same time. For this reason the two have always been linked. That is why there is no surprise that America has been responsible for the biggest car culture and the biggest movie industry in the world. For that reason a brace of road movies is a perfect start to a week of double features, and they are two of my favourites.

Tuesday: Metropolis (1927) – Star Wars (1977)

There are two movies that probably changed science fiction more than any other, both the way they look and the way we see them. A perfect combination for a double feature.

Wednesday: Streets of Fire (1984) – Trouble in Mind (1985)

Neither fantasy nor reality, not past, present or future; Streets of Fire and Trouble in Mind are both set in a world almost like our own. With troubled and flawed antiheroes they are like comic books on the screen without the baggage of actually been based on a comic book. Two films that could only have been made in the 80’s.

Thursday: Some Like it Hot (1959) – Life of Brian (1979)

A little light relief is needed as we reach the hallway point of this week of double features. Are these the two best comedy movies of all time? They are certainly my two favourites, watch them and decide for yourself.

Friday: Run Lola Run (1988) – Donnie Darko (2001)

Two very different movies that play with time and perception, they also both proved to be breakout movies for their young stars.

Saturday: Mad Max (1979) – Doomsday (2008)

A film could be considered a work of art, but a movie is entertainment pure honest entertainment. Saturday night is a night for movies not films and the ultimate movie has to be Mad Max. The underrated and unappreciated Doomsday is like no movie you have ever seen, it is more like every movie you have ever seen.

Sunday: American Graffiti (1973) – Fandango (1984) – Dazed and Confused (1993)

If you are going to spend five or six hours watching three movies in a row you may as well enjoy yourself. For that reason I have picked three of my favourite nostalgic movies.

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