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With three movies featuring classic muscle cars (Drive Angry – Faster – Fast Five) coming out this year I thought I thought I would take a look at the cars from a few classic car movies.

1968 Austin Mini Cooper S mk1: The Italian Job (1969)

The coolest cars in history? Probably! That is why in a film containing an Aston Martin DB4, a couple of E-Type jaguars and a Lamborghini Miura I am talking about Mini’s. Not one but a trio of 1968 Austin Mini Cooper S mk1’s. The little cars are chased through the streets of Turin (always in red, white and blue sequence) with boots full of stolen gold. The film would just not have been the same without them and Mini wouldn’t be the same without the film. Just imagine if they had used Fiat 500’s as was suggested at the time. Don’t be fooled by the 2003 remake featuring modern BMW incarnation of the Mini.


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