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Inception, Toy Story 3, Winter’s Bone, Sex and the City 2, what was your favourite movie of 2010? That’s an easy question you probably know the answer without giving it a second thought. But what about your favourite from five years ago, or ten, or event the year you were born? Now that’s a little harder.

Following the unexpected popularity of the Desert Island DVDs blogathon I organised last year I am inviting fellow bloggers to tell us what their favourite movies are from each year of their life so far.  You can put as much or as little effort into you list as you wish. It could just be a list of movies, you may with to add a sentence or two about the movies or what they mean to you, you can brighten it up with images, posters or trailers. The choice is yours.

Publish the list on your own blog on Sunday 8th May and send me a link as early as you can (a week before would be ideal). I will be doing a central post with links to all participants and have a few follow-up posts planned. If you want some inspiration take a look at THIS.  I ran the idea past a few people last year, one of them Meradith from M Carter @ the Movies liked it so much she published it on her birthday (the idea started out as a idea for my own birthday).

If you wish to take part or if you have any questions email me at fandangogroovers@gmail.com or leave comment below.

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