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Surprisingly good and better than expected are things I have said a lot this month. I have been genuinely and pleasantly surprised by a few movies, unfortunately two of the movies I was looking forward to turned out to be rubbish. This is what I have seen:

Paul ★★★★ I was reluctant to see this following the frankly shit trailer, but it actually tuned out to be both fun and funny.

Animal Kingdom ★★★★ Tough, grim and gritty but well made well acted, tense and entertaining.

Unknown ★★ Not as nasty or xenophobic as Taken, but equally as formulaic, predicable and uninteresting.

The Adjustment Bureau ★★★★ Don’t be fooled by people who tell you its this years inception, it isn’t that good, but it is good.

The Resident ★★ I really wanted to like this movie; a Hammer horror/thriller featuring Christopher Lee, what more could you ask for? A decent script would be top of the list!

Fair Game ★★★★ Not to be confused with the 90’s movie featuring Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin, this superior political thriller has been unfairly criticised. Naomi Watts and Sean Penn make fantastic and charismatic leads.

Battle: Los Angeles ★★★ Playing out more like a war movie than an alien invasion Sci-Fi, this movie is dumb and predictable but surprisingly fun and entertaining.

Submarine ★★★★ The Welsh Juno/500 Days of Summer. Not a bad comparisons but this warm, funny and quirky comedy deserves to be seen on it own merits.

The Lincoln Lawyer ★★★★ A little to slick and light to be great but what could have been derivative and cheesy is actually very good and easily Matthew McConaughey’s best movie in years. I would actually like to see a sequel.

Faster ★★★ This isn’t a very good movie, that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable. Bets of all the filmmakers have the good sense to keep Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson’s dialogue to a minimum.

The Eagle ★★ With a talented director and an interesting story I really wanted to enjoy this movie, sadly I didn’t. If you want to see an fictionalised story about the Legendry Roman Ninth legion rent the DVD of last years Centurion.

Limitless ★★★★ Stunning and innovative photography, charismatic leads and a great concept make for a truly entertaining movie. How different it could have been with Shia LaBeouf in the lead role.

So what’s the movie of the month? Fair Game and The Lincoln Lawyer were serious contenders, Limitless is better but the movie of the month is: Submarine

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