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One Million Hits

Last month Fandango Groovers celebrated its second birthday. When I started writing the blog I didn’t actually expect people to read it, but just two years later I have just had my one millionth hit. A lot of my hits have come from people finding me via search engines, I have also been lucky enough to make it onto the IMBD homepage a few times thanks their “Hit List” but the majority of readers are other like minded bloggers who have come together in a sort of informal community. So here they are, a few of the blogs I read and whose writers have read and commented on my posts:


The List: One of the most fun movie blogs that has entertained and inspired me for over a year.


The Dark of the Matinee: The most eloquent and intelligent of movie bloggers.


The Stories That Really Mattered: Unfortunately Katie doesn’t have time to do much blogging these days; as the first other movie blog I came across I still enjoy seeing what she has to say.


Let’s Go To The Movies: Starting her blog at around the same time as me Caz has been a constant source of support over the last two years.


M. Carter at the Movies: A movie reviewer who is better than most professional writers.


Ross v Ross: The Ross’ are the funniest movie bloggers you are likely to read, I hate to admit it but they also know what they are talking about and make a lot of sense.


Movie Mobsters: Heather has taken the community idea of blogging to the extreme with the mighty Movie mobsters blog, she even lets me contribute from time to time!


Blog Cabins: If this little blogging community we have were to have a leader it would be Dylan aka Fletch.


FlixChatter: The perfect combination of enthusiasm and intelligence make Ruth’s work always worth reading.


Anomalous Material: Anything the rest of us have ever considered doing on our blogs, chances are Castor has already done it bigger and better than we planned.


Cut The Crap Movie Reviews: All you need to know is in the title, Aiden writes great movie that cut the crap usually associated with movie reviews.


GoSeeTalk: Three guys talking about movies, and doing a great job. They even have their own unique rating system.


Andrew at the Cinema: Andrew is truly passionate about movies, this really comes across in his writing.


Top 10 Films: There is a lot more to Dan and his teams blog than just Top Ten lists, but it is worth reading for the lists alone.


My Inspiration:


Ramblings of a Recessionista: Not a movie blog, but Faith is the first person I know to start a blog provid how simple it was to get started. Without her I wouldn’t have started blogging

Sunset Gun: My inspiration to write about movies came from this site that I started reading a few months before I started blogging. Unlike the other bloggers listed, Kim Morgan is a professional writer/critic, she has great taste in movies and an engaging wring style. I first came across her work whist looking for information on Two-Lane Blacktop and have been reading her blog ever since.

The LAMB: The LAMB (the Large Association of Movie Blogs) is truly the home of movie bloggs with over 800 members and counting. I am LAMB #359.

Sorry to all the great blogs I haven’t mentioned, I intended to do a top five that turned into ten then fourteen, I had to draw the line somewhere.

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