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The academy is famous for been old-fashioned, stuffy and set in their ways but now they have invited a prankster and practical joker into their inner sanctum by nominating him for an Oscar. The best thing about it is that the man in question Banksy may just have done it with a film that is itself a hoax and his biggest prank to date. For those who haven’t seen Exit Through The Gift Shop read THIS.

The big question is will he be invited to join the academy, he is certainly eligible. The official academy website says “Individuals nominated for an Academy Award® who are not already members will be considered for membership”. I somehow don’t think Banksy will be invited to join their little club! Don’t expect to see him at the ceremony either, even if he wins. As to what he is planning we will have to wait and see. The usual thing to do if you can’t make it to the ceremony is to send someone else in your place, the obvious choices would be the narrated by Rhys Ifans, the “star” Thierry Guetta or one of the producers. The other option is a video link with Banksy’s identity disguised the way it was in the film. This itself would lead to the question of if the person on screen is who he appears to be.

This article from Entertainment Weekly suggests we may have something to look forward to “Banksy, in fact, has already been warming up for Oscar night. It’s rumored that he is presently in Los Angeles”. One way or another I for one hope that Banksy takes the opportunity for one of his infamous stunts. An Oscar statute with a trademark monkey head or a red carpet decorated with his other trademark a rat, would be perfect as would. The other option is the simplist and most radicle, for him not to turn up, not to send a representative and completely snub the Oscars.  As Hollywood is on Banksy alert, it is the last thing anyone is expecting and the anticlimax will be far worse for the academy than any Banksy prank. Whatever happens Best Documentary Feature category will be a little more interesting than usual!

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