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IMDb Oscar Poll

I just took part in the IMDB Oscar Poll, the results so far make interesting reading. Firstly who else has voted? To take the trouble to do the poll suggests participants are movie fans so I would suggest they have probably seen a lot of the films. On top of that they would probably have been influenced by the recend Golden Globes and BAFTA’s. So what are people voting for?

Best Picture: Inception currently has more than 40% of the vote, more than double, The King’s Speech in second place.

Best Actor: Colin Firth is the runaway leader for The King’s Speech, no surprise there.

Best Actress: Fresh from her BAFA win Natalie Portman for Black Swan has 85.0% of the vote.

Best Supporting Actor: Despite Geoffrey Rush’s BAFTA success Christian Bale is leading this poll.

Best Supporting Actress: Much closer than the other categories, it looks like a three way fight between Helena Bonham Carter, Hailee Steinfeld and Melissa Leo. Amy Adams isn’t that far behind but Jacki Weaver is unsurprisingly way of the pace, Animal Kingdom being one of the least seen nominated movies (it isn’t even out in the UK yet).

Best Director: David Fincher is just pulling away from Darren Aronofsky, these are probablt the two most deserving in of the Oscar.

Best Foreign Language Film: Biutiful (Mexico) is way ahead with 60% of the vote. The obvious reason for this would be the love for Javier Bardem, however Bardem is bottom of the poll for best actor. Chances are most people who vote probably haven’t seen many of the movies they are voting for. Because of the unique way this category is voted for all the people who vote in the Oscars will have seen all five movies.

Best Adapted Screenplay: I can’t see anyone other than Aaron Sorkin winning this, the other voters seem to feel the same way, lets hope the academy do too.

Best Original Screenplay: Christopher Nolan is running away with this one with nearly 75% of the vote for Inception, this could be the payoff for being unfairly overlooked in the director category.

Best Animated Feature: Do I need to tell you? Toy Story 3 has over 70% of the vote.

So what does all this mean for the Oscars? Absolutely nothing, the academy is a law unto itself and won’t be influenced by public opinion. As for where the awards will go, although I think inception is the best film of the year I don’t give it a hope in hell of winning, it just isn’t an Oscar friendly movie. In the other categories I think all the poll leaders have a reasonable chance of winning. And just as in the poll, supporting actress is probably the most open category.

If you haven’t already why not cast your vote HERE.

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