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Movies seen in January:

Season of the Witch: Total hokum, fun in places, Nicolas Cage is thankfully understated and Ron Perlman is always worth watching. ★★

127 Hours: The true story of Aron Ralston provides Danny Boyle with one of his best movies. The arm cutting scene isn’t as graphic as you may have been led to believe. ★★★★

The King’s Speech: Colin Firth deserves to win an Oscar for his portrayal of King George VI in Tom Hooper surprisingly funny historical drama. ★★★★★

The Way Back: Another epic from Peter Weir. ★★★★

Henry’s Crime: Quirky comedy drama featuring another great performance from the amazing Vera Farmiga. ★★★

Blue Valentine: Raw and emotionally draining movie, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are sensational. ★★★★

John Carpenter’s The Ward:Predictable and unoriginal but surprisingly good. John Carpenter’s best movie since In the Mouth of Madness. ★★★

Black Swan: A stunning film with fantastic performances particularly from Natalie Portman. ★★★★★

The Mechanic: A dumb action movie that lacks the style of the original but is ultimately harmless fun and better than I expected. ★★★

 The movie of the month is:

Note: the star ratings are out of five. Having only given four movies five out of five last year, I have given two in the first month this year. 


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