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I am now officially excited about The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. The LA Times has announced that Anne Hathaway will play Selina Kyle. In an article about why Catwoman should be in the next Batman movie I suggested her as a dark horse for the role. The interesting thing about the announcement is that it doesn’t actually say she will be playing Catwoman, it only refers to her as Selina Kyle. This leaves the characters role in the movie open to interpretation and speculation, will Selina Kyle become Catwoman within the movie? The debates will be endless until the movie comes out next summer, however the character fits into the plot I expect the movie to be as brilliant as the first two. The only issue, as talented and as sexy as Hathaway is, can she live up to Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman Returns? And, if that wasn’t exciting enough it also says that Tom Hardy will play Bane.

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