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Ten Worst Movies I have Seen This Year

In preparation for my top ten movies of the year that will be published tomorrow here are my bottom ten. They don’t represent the worst ten movies of the year, just the worst ten I have seen.   Early in the new year I will also produce a list of all the 2010 movies I have seen.

A note on the order 1 is the worst and 10 the least bad!

  1. Shelter – The supernatural thriller that forgets to be thrilling. A plot full of twists and turns designed to confuse and surprise the audience just made me lose interest. Anyone who likes the idea of a supernormal horror I suggest you give this one a miss and go for The Exorcist or Fallen. If you really want to see Shelter look out for the things it borrows from these two movies, borrows is a euphemism for shamelessly steals.
  2. Repo Men – Set in a near future where man made replacement organs are available at a price, however if you fail to make the payments a repo man will come and cut them from your body and return them to manufacturer. Ultimately a good premise and a good cast (Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga and Liev Schreiber) are wasted in mess of a movie that doesn’t know what it wants to be or what it wants to say.
  3. Devil – Five people become trapped in a lift, you probably know from the trailer what happens next. So the concept is okay, where does it all go wrong? The greatest flaw of the movie is that it uses the supernatural/Satanic twist as a substitute for tension and claustrophobia. The photography and the acting are all pretty good and the director shows some flair in a few scenes but the story really drags this one down!
  4. The Wolfman – Werewolves are cool, no arguments, its just a fact! With all the vampire movies that have been made in recent years we need a great werewolf movie to reset the balance, this isn’t it. The Wolfman makeup isn’t bad but the transformation is poor and lazy at best. There are some pretty good set pieces but there are also some really poor ones. The big problem is that it is a mess, at times it looks as if it was intended as an atmospheric Victorian gothic horror, at other times it looks like there may be an epic romance, but then there is no romance, the ending just fizzles out with a whimper. The biggest crime is the way it wastes a great cast (Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik and Geraldine Chaplin).
  5. Ninja Assassin – Once in awhile a movie comes along that gets everything wrong. The acting is shocking, the direction is plodding, the plot is ludicrous, the dialogue rubbish, the fight scenes are ridiculously over the top and it offers absolutely nothing new to the genre, Ninja Assassin is one such film. It is unashamedly a dumb mindless action flick whose thin plot is only there to string together the violent and bloody fighting scenes. To its credit the action isn’t bad and some of the film is good fun, the film itself is relatively inoffensive.
  6. The Lovely Bones – A wishy-washy mess of a movie about a murdered girl who she finds herself in a sort of Technicolor Purgatory. Well shot but with a week plot and no real attempt to express the time and space in which the movie is set beyond a lazy voiceover. Completely devoid of the emotional attachment the movie lacks any soul and leaves the viewer with a hollow emptiness. Director Peter Jackson can do so much better.
  7. From Paris with Love – A nasty xenophobic little movie with little in the way of plot and rubbish acting and has absolutely nothing original to say for itself. The only mitigation is that it is fun at times.
  8. Edge of Darkness – Despite his much publicized problems Mel Gibson is still a good old-fashioned moviestar, for that reason alone it is good to see him back in front of the camera doing what he does best, playing an unstable and traumatized cop seeking revenge. Sadly the film is rubbish getting just about everything wrong the plot doesn’t make much sense and everything feels a little flat leaving Gibson as the only reason to see it, and I know he isn’t exactly a big draw for audiences at the moment.
  9. Valentines Day – A romantic comedy involving a group of intertwined stories, the quality of the stories and how funny they are varies hugely as does the ability of the various actors on display. Not as bad as I expected it to be but the outtakes shown at the end are by far the funniest thing about the film, that surely is a damming indictment of a comedy.
  10. Skyline – We have reached a point in moviemaking where small independent filmmakers can compete with the studios and make a low budget movie that looks like a big budget movie. That moment in time is demonstrated by Monsters and not by this movie that was neither looks like a big budget movie or was in truth particularly cheep to make, but worst off all it is just rubbish. The acting is terrible and the plot is even worse, that is all that matters.

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