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Last year I tried to do a best movie poster of the year post but it proved impossible. Movies have so many posters these days that I struggled to cut them down to a concise list, so what I have been doing this year is making a note every time I see one I like. To make it more interesting I have stuck to UK posters that I have seen in the UK (in magazines/newspapers, in the cinema and on busses/bus stops), some of them even convinced me to see the movie. I have limited the list to the top ten but have decided not to rank them.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I loved the original Swedish poster for this movie, although very different the UK version was equally as good. Cleverly the two sequels use basically the same poster with a simple twist.



Trucker – I saw this one in a magazine, it was the first and only thing I heard or saw promoting the movie. It allegedly got a cinema release but I couldn’t find it and didn’t see it until it came out on DVD. There is nothing original or revolutionary about the poster, it is just really well put together, just like the movie!

The American – I love this poster, it looks like it belongs to a 60’s movie, it even borrows its colour scheme from Cool Hand Look. Interestingly it made me think of James Bond but I can’t actually find a Bond poster that looks like this.

Four Lions – You need to see the film to know what this one is all about but it certainly grabs your attention.

The Karate Kid – The simplicity of this one is what really strikes me. Both this and the other poster for the movie both use a similar colour scheme to the original Karate Kid movie from the 80’s.

The Wolfman – With Emily Blunt hiding in the foreground and the silhouette of the wolfman in the background this poster contains all the elements of gothic horror that were missing from the movie itself. – It would have been so easy to do a “Beautiful Young Stars in a Row Movie Poster” but this one offers a little bit more. Each character gets their own story within the movie, this is partly shown in the poster. I also love the way London and New York are blended together.

Up in the Air – The three people in this image are clearly together and alone at the same time, stick a plane in the background and you have the whole movie in a poster, simple but clever.

Machete – There have been some great posters for this movie. I particularly like the individual character posters but this UK quad is brilliant, it perfectly blends the styles of the exploitation movies it is trying to emulate and mainstream action movies such as James Bond.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – The marketing for this movie was a bit haphazard with the evil exes and the main poster are all great but they have nothing to connect them other than the movie title. They all looked good though.

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