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I have an idea for a TV show. Take a diverse group of people and put them in a situation where they have to race across America in an illegal car race. Some are compelled to take part for personal reasons others are just in it for the money ($32million prize money). In the background there are darker more sinister things going on with the race organisers and sponsors. To top it all of you need a great kick ass leading man say someone like Nathan Fillion, lets not forget this is a race, so he needs a cool car, say a 1970 Challenger R/T like the one form Vanishing Point. Sounds like a good idea? It is a great idea and it has already been done, unfortunately it bombed and FOX cancelled the show.  I understand most of the action scenes were shot on green screen then blended with CGI and other filmed action, the result is pretty good and generally effective. The plot is pretty simple with the twists not particularly surprising but everything blends together to create a good fun show with a few likeable characters.

It would be a perfect show to receive the “Serenity” treatment and get a feature-length movie version. (Any reference to the characters or events after the end of the show is made up by me, other fans of the show will have there own idea where the plot has gone. I have written this from the point of view that the show was cancelled and not what would have happened had it not been cancelled) The best way to do it would be to make a stand alone movie that could be viewed without any prior knowledge of the TV show. Make up James Bond style pre-credit prologue that would also serve as a conclusion to the show. With the help of Alex Tully, detective Ehrle (Richard Brooks ) leads a team who arrest some of the race organisers stop the race and rescue Corinna Wiles, Kathryn Tully and some unspoiled other hostages.  Three years later it transpires that the people who are caught are “middle management” and the real organisers are free. Detective Ehrle Now working for the FBI is running a task force to try and catch them but it isn’t going well as they have friends in high places. An opportunity arises when some of the old competitors start receiving mobile phones in the post in perpetration for a new race.

And what of the original cast, how would they fit in?

Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion) has been convinced of crimes during and prior to the previous race and faces sentencing, he is offered the opportunity to have record wiped clean if he enters the race to help expose the people behind it. His 1970 Dodge Challenger (referred to as a 1972 in the show) is ready and waiting for him. Kathryn Tully (Amy Acker) insists on coming with him. Along the he comes across Corinna Wiles (Kristin Lehman) who has never stopped looking for the people behind the race and has attached herself to one of the competitors in much the same way as she did with Tully in the show.

Winston Salazar (Kevin Alejandro) and Sean Salazar (J.D. Pardo) have drifted apart since the end of the race. In a reversal of fortune Winston has gone straight whilst Sean is incrassated following a conviction for computer hacking. The race organisers have evidence of the shooting from the TV show (that it transpires they covered up). They are compelled to work together and join the race in exchange for the evidence not finding its way to the police. Having been working as a mechanic since the events of the show his1964 Chevrolet Impala lowrider is ready to race.

Following the death of her farther, John Trimble (Dylan Baker), Violet Trimble (Emma Stone) receives his phone and decided to join the race in his place and brings her friend (or boyfriend) along for the ride. Thanks to the proceeds of her fathers life assurance policy she isn’t short of money and buys a faster car than the 1999 Ford Taurus from the show.

Leigh Barnthouse (Rochelle Aytes) and Ivy Chitty (Taryn Manning) invited to join the race on the condition they compete together. Ivy has since learnt to drive. Along the way we also discover why the organisers wanted her “eliminated” early in the series.  Is Leigh determined to win because of Susan Chamblee’s dieing words or does she have her own agenda?

Rob Laird (Riley Smith) has been dishonourably discharged from the army and divorced Ellie Laird (Mircea Monroe) who he blames. He is offered a chance to get what he wants most, a way back into the army but there is a condition, he has to work with his ex wife but do the organisers who her secret? (for those that don’t know she was working with Allan James (Brian Bloom) an enforcer for the race organisers).

 Wendy Patrakas (Melanie Lynskey) and her now infant child are on the run after shooting her abusive husband, she is hoping to win the race in order to start a new life.



This is just a bit of fun, I can’t see FOX giving the show the send-off it deserves after all this time or even letting someone else do it but it’s a niece idea. But then who knows, who expected Serenity?

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