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The Warrior’s Way

Warrior/assassin Yang (Jang Dong-gun) is the worlds greatest swordsman, he is ordered by his clan to kill the last member of an enemy clan, after killing all his guards he discovers the target is a baby girl. Refusing to kill the child he fleas to America in search of an old friend and a new life. He finds a dilapidated western town with some strange inhabitants, he reopens his old friends laundry shop with the help of Lynne (Kate Bosworth), a troubled young woman with a sad past (what other kind is there in a movie like this!). Before long both Yang and Lynne’s pasts catch up with them.

Comparisons with The Good, The Bad, The Weird are inevitable, but while that movie is totally out there bonkers fun The Warriors Way all feels a bit flat. The main reason for this lack of animation, is actually the use of animation, the vast majority of the movie was shot on green screen with all the sets and scenery added by CGI. Hugely over designed and over stylised, some of it looks good but at other times it looks cheep. If it actually were cheep, it would be the best justification for heavy use of CGI, to keep the cost down, but with an estimated budget of $42million it isn’t exactly low budget. The movie also suffers from a slow build-up, with around two thirds of the movie spend developing characters, this would be okay if they did a better job of developing the characters and if the action was worth the wait, unfortunately it fails on both counts. The characters a clichés that lack dimension and the action is over edited and relies too much on CGI.

The sad thing is that it had a enough going for it to have made a good movie. The Ninja’s versus Cowboys concept is brilliant. The cast is good and could have done so much more with some decent dialogue. File this one under Missed opportunity.

Two Stars out of Five

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