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Warning, no cliché is left unturned in this movie.

An accident/act of stupidity in a train yard results in a runaway train, to add to the problem it contains toxic/explosive cargo and is heading for a heavily populated area. As various attempts to stop the train fail their last hope is train driver Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and new conductor fresh out of trainee Will Colson (Chris Pine).

The last great runaway train movie was Runaway Train (1985), with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts playing escaped convicts it made for a gritty and sometimes brutal movie, Tony Scott, the man who gave us Top Gun and Days of Thunder wasn’t going to make a movie like that, instead what we get is a great fun movie with some interesting ideas. With subplots involving redundancies at the rail company and a failing marriage it places the movie in the current financial situation as well as ticking a few more cliché boxes. Cutting to news footage of the events is also a nice touch.

The editing is frantic and frenetic as is the camera that is never still, this helps ramp up the action but can also be distracting in the none action scenes. The two lead actors give convincing performances in undemanding roles as does Rosario Dawson.

The movie is dumb clichéd and “inspired” by real events translates to “don’t let the facts interfere with a good story”, despite all its flaws, it is immensely watchable and tremendous fun, I actually really enjoyed it!

Four stars out of Five

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