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Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up berried inside a coffin like box. With just a Zippo lighter and a BackBerry mobile phone (product placements?) he has to find a way out before he runs out of air. This is about as much as should be know before going into the movie. Any more could detract from your enjoyment, if enjoyment is the right word for this movie.

With taught direction and great photography that makes uses of every inch of the wooden box, Buried gets everything right that Devil got so wrong. The movie is tense, claustrophobic and above all frighteningly realistic. More so than any other film I have seen in recent years the movies success hinges on its leading man, and Ryan Reynolds does a great job. He doesn’t just have to convey the emotion of his predicament but also has to appeal as an everyman in a terrible situation. Doing a great job, Reynolds proves himself to be more than just an action/comedy actor.

Effortlessly creating real tension whenever it needs to, the film is a masterpiece at manipulating the nuances of the situation, this has to be to the credit of director Rodrigo Cortés and screenwriter Chris Sparling. The movie does lose its way a little with a somewhat convoluted political message. The only real criticism is symptomatic of the subject matter, as great as it is, it isn’t a movie I want to watch over and over again.

Four Stars out of Five


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