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As a few of you will have noticed I have not been blogging much in the last few weeks. Last month I promised to contribute to Marc from Go See Talks great idea of “Films That Defined Us”. I haven’t had chance to put anything together so have kind of cheated. Below is a repost of a blog from a couple of months ago originally titled (Ten Year Old) Fandango Groovers Top Five Movies, I hope it isn’t too far from Marc’s concept. See the full post here.

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As I have mentioned a few times on this blog I don’t particularly like animated movies, musicals or kids films. What I haven’t said is that I didn’t like many kids films when I was a kid. A movie geek lover from an early age these are my top five movie from when I was a kid (they are not in order as just like now the order changed daily):

Star Wars: The original Star Wars: episode IV; A New Hope; or just Star Wars, whatever you call it, it is a movie that changed movies forever. It is also the first film I remember watching as a kid and I have loved it ever since. It was on TV, not video or at the cinema it was on TV and I was allowed to stay up later than normal to watch it. I must have seen other movies before this but I just don’t remember them.

The Blues Brothers: Recommended by a friend of my parents when it first came out on video, I watched the movie loved it the recoded it off TV a few years later and wore the tape out. Still a classic movie that I was lucky enough to see on the big screen last year.

Smokey and the Bandit: The CB craze didn’t last long in the UK but I remember my dad having one in his car for a time. It was this that led me to a sub genre of movies I have heard described as “good ol’ boy movies”. Weekend trips to the video store with my parents and older brother would often result in movies like this, White Line Fever, White Lightning and Convoy (see below), I just wasn’t that interested in kid’s movies! It was also around this time that I first came across Clint Eastwood in Every Which Way But Loose. Check out this article by Kim Morgan who is far more articulate than me.

Convoy: Recorded off the TV onto VHS this was one of my most watched movies as a kid. Widly regarded as one of Sam Peckinpah’s weaker movies, for me it holds up as a modern classic, it was also the highest grossing film of his directorial career. A slice of contemporary history and a true modern day western but I didn’t care about those things as a kid, I just thought the trucks were cool. It wasn’t until years later when I drove through Arizona and New Mexico when I got a feel for the big open spaces of southwest highways. Take a look at what I had to say about the movie last year when I first started blogging.

From Russia With Love: I think On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Live and Let Die were the first Bond films Isaw but I wasn’t paying much attention to them but when I saw From Russia With Love I was hooked and every time one was on TV I had to watch it. I didn’t see a Bond movie on video until Never Say Never Again and Octopussy (that I watched on the same day at a relatives house) and I didn’t see one at the cinema until GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan’s only decent Bond movie). As well as being the Bond movie that got me interested in the franchise it is also still the best. And like The Blues Brothers I got to see it at the cinema last year.

Here is my original post and a one for a fifteen year old version of myself.

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