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A couple of months ago I posted a list of my favourite movies from when I was ten years old. But how did my tastes change? Although I still loved the movies from when I was ten (and still do) I had discovered a few more films in the five years that had passed.

The Terminator: Combining all the things I loved at the time; action, adventure, horror, sci-fi and a great story The Terminator was an instant classic that has only go better with age. Often unfairly overlooked in favour of its more flashy and expensive sequel that is a great film in its own right but the original is still the best. Just creeping onto the list ahead of another James Cameron movie Aliens.

Some Like it Hot: The first older film I fell in love with and to this day it is probably my favourite film. Perfection is an over used term but I can see no way this film could be made better, anyone who thinks they know is either very clever or incredibly stupid.

Die Hard: This movie reinvented action with heart, sole and intelligence without losing the raw and brutal edge that gives action movies there simple visceral edge. The icing on the cake for this movie is the confidence to make the villains the best character and give him all the best lines. As good now as it was over twenty years ago.

The Lost Boys: For every comedy horror that works there are at least a dozen that fall flat on their face. The lost Boys towers above all other movies of the genre. It is so silly it has no right to work but for some inexplicable reason it did and it still does.

Nikita: The first foreign language movie I remember watching and still one of my favourites. I love the fact this movie literally opened the world up to me, but I love it as a movie in its own right too, what more could you ask? Dismissed at the time for style over substance now it has the recognition it deserves as a classic.

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