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A few of you will have read how my blog got its name, those who haven’t click here to find out. This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the (criminally limited) release of the movie Fandango. A few of the people I met on my trip to Texas two years ago, and a few who couldn’t make it then are going back to do it all again in just three weeks time. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it myself but it seemed like a good time to share some images from the movie along with my own photographs from 2008.

Kevin Costner overlooking the Rio Grande in the movie. Me on the same perch 25 years later.


A publicity shot and at the Chata Ortegas location and how it looks these days.

The Groovers ’59 Cadillac and my (rented) ’08 Cadillac, they didn’t have one in blue!

Pecos Parachute School” aka Rattlesnake Air Force Base in Pyote. As seen in the movie and the remains as they were in 2008. It isn’t currently possible to get onto the base so I don’t know if this year’s groovers will make it there.  I recently found out via Jeff who is organising this year’s trip that due to safety concerns what remains of the hanger will be demolished.


The Groovers after they have “dug up dom”.  And some of the people who made the “pilgrimage” second from the left is Chuck Bush who played Dorman in the movie, second from the right is me. (Thanks to Jesper (the guy in the middle with the bottle of champagne) for helping me find the old photos used here today.

The Gas station from the movie and how is now.

The town square in San Elizario in the movie and how it is now. That’s Chuck again standing where he did for the wedding scene in the movie. The movie makes the town look like a small town in the wilds of West Texas (like many of the other sets) but is actually part of El Paso County near El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (Royal Highway) that ran from Mexico City to Santa Fe.

San Elizario Chapel or “La Capilla de San Elcear”. I couldn’t find a decent image of it from the movie but thought I would share my own photography anyway. If you watch the end of the movie the scene where Phil Hicks (Judd Nelson)and Dorman (Chuck Bush) say there farewells it is shot in front of the chapel.

We didn’t recreate this stunt but we did drink some Shiner beer.



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