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England v USA

I may be a little less prolific over the next few weeks as my other obsession takes over, Football. For those who don’t know the World Cup starts today. England’s opening game is against USA tomorrow. Whist England will be the clear favourites in this game they won’t be taking anything for granted.

The two sides have only met in a competitive game once before, it was in the 1950 world cup in Brazil. England where the clear favourites having won 23 and drawn 3 of the previous 30 games. The Americans on the other hand were on a seven game losing streak during which time they had only scored 2 goals conceding 45. Bookies gave odds of 500–1 for a U.S win. You may have guessed from the build up we lost 1-0 to a goal late in the first half. Both teams failed to get out of the group stages of the competition and the US didn’t qualify for the world cup finals for another forty years (they lost all three games next time out in Italy ’90). Since returning to the finals in 1990 the U.S. team have qualified every world cup and England have been in all except 1994 (held in America) so it was only a matter of time before the two teams met again. Tomorrow’s game will be played just 17 days short of the 60th anniversary of the 1950 encounter. Although England are the favourites the odds are a lot narrower than they were in 1950 with UK bookmakers offering around 7/1.

This post does have a tenuous movie link, the 1950 game was made into a movie: The Game of Their Lives aka The Miracle Match (2005). I haven’t seen the movie but am told it’s not very good and not very historically accurate but like so many true stories based on a sporting events it only got made because of the dramatic and surprising result as the underdogs triumphed against supposedly superior opposition. Let’s hope there is nothing dramatic or surprising enough to warrent a movie about tomorrow’s game. All it leaves me to say is Come on England.

I know there are a few people from America who stop by here once in a while, are any of you actually interested in football (or Soccer as you tend to call it)? And how about those people whose teams didn’t make the finals, will you be watching the world cup?


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