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The Next James Bond?

With continued delays in the production of the next Bond movie, will Daniel Craig return for a third outing as the British spy? We all remember what happened the last time there was delay, Timothy Dalton walked away. Add to this rumours that Daniel Craig is in talks to star in David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. If successful there are two more novels in the late Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium Trillogy” that he would surely be a part of too. So who could be the next James Bond?

Timothy Dalton: The most underrated Bond, I love the idea of an older (possibly retired) Bond and he would be the perfect man for the job.

Chances of happening? Unfortunately zilch!

Michael Fassbender: The German born Irish actor has been in hugly veried movies and TV shows in recent years and has some high profile roles coming up including literary adaptations Jayne Eyre and Birdsong. At 33 he is possibly a little young at the moment but it could be a few years before a film is made.

Chances of happening? Stranger things have happened.

Idris Elba: The British actor first came to my attention in the late 90’s in the brilliant British Vampire mini-series Ultraviolet, he reprised his role in the American version but it didn’t get beyond an unaired pilot. Since then he is probably best known for The Wire, he is currently playing the title role in BBC police drama Luther and can be seen on the big screen in The Losers and will be in the new Thor movie next year. The character has moved so far from the books I don’t think Bond has to be white!

Chances of happening? Slim to none.

Clive Owen: He would have been my first pick before Daniel Craig got the gig. As it turned out Craig did such a great job that I no longer see Owen in the part. After years of kicking around british TV and second rate movies the Mike Hodges directed Croupier made him a star in the late 90’s. He was suggested as a possible future James Bond even back then probably because he wore a tuxedo. At 44 he probably doesn’t have much more than six or seven years left to play Bond convincingly.

Chances of happening? I think his chance has passed.

Daniel Craig: That’s right; I haven’t given up on the current 007 returning for at least one more movie. Craig’s interpretation has reinvented the character and given him back the hard dark edge that of his predecessors only Dalton has shown. We also need a to conclude the “quantum trilogy” in order to give some relevance to the somewhat disjointed Quantum of Solace.

Chances of happening? Very high.

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