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My Drinks in movies blog is back thanks to Ross McG who inadvertently reminded me I hadn’t done one lately. And incidentally it has an Irish theme. Intermission (2003) is a black comedy set in Dublin. Those who haven’t seen it, it is painfully funny in places and like all great black comedy you can’t help yourself from laughing even when you know it’s inappropriate. If you haven’t seen it check it out, Colin Farrell and Colm Meaney are both brilliant in it.

During the movie it is mentioned that John (Cillian Murphy) and Oscar (David Wilmot) stole a case of Chef Sauce (an Irish brand of vinegar based brown sauce a bit like low rent HP) from the supermarket they work in. Having so much of it they were using it in everything just to get rid of it including lacing their tea with it. Sounds discusting but all the characters in the movie who try it think its great. I haven’t tried it myself and don’t intend to, has anyone tried it or is it an invention of the filmmakers?


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