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Gemma Arterton

To go alongside my movie of the month (announced on Tuesday) I am starting a new monthly post. Movie Star of the Month. This award has no criteria. I will just pick it based on someone who has impressed or surprised me during the month.

For the first recipient I considered Nicolas Cage for reminding us in Bad Lieutenant that he can act or Mark Strong for his second brilliant turn as a villain this year (Robin Hood and Kick-Ass), is he the new Alan Rickman? But the surprise star of the month is Gemma Arterton for proving she can act with her great performance in the excellent The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

A little bit about Gemma Arterton: The English actress appeared out of nowhere three years ago at the age of 21, she quickly became “the next big thing” with increasingly high profile roles. In 2008 and she appeared alongside Daniel Craig in his second outing as James Bond. Earlier this year she was in the dreadful Clash of the Titans remake and the better than expected Prince of Persia earlier this month. Having been considered for the part of Black Widow/ Natasha Rushman in Iron Man 2 when Emily Blunt dropped out she could have easily been in three movies this month.

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